SEO services and WordPress website maintenance for, a local company who specialise in providing recruitment software and funding to recruitment companies across the UK.

“At Flo, we help make sure that your temporary recruitment business works for you, rather than the other way around. It’s our mission and philosophy.

The way we look at temporary recruitment, there’s no reason why business success and stress has to come as a package.

The goal of all our services, and Flo as a company, is to prove that by offering a level of integration that lives up to our name, we really can make work (and life) easier for our clients.”

Flo approached us to help them improve their organic visibility in Google, and increase the number of leads through their website for their main services to recruitment companies. They offer a suite of solutions to their clients including WorkFlo, CashFlo and FullFlo.

WorkFlo is a recruitment software suite that is specifically designed for temporary recruitment businesses in the UK. It seamlessly integrates cloud-based software and payroll systems to save time, money, and reduce stress for businesses.

CashFlo is a recruitment company funding solution that is perfect for both new recruitment agencies looking to fund their new agency, and established companies looking for a better funding solution.

We also offer FullFlo, a complete software and back office solution delivering all necessary day-to-day operational needs, tailored to the requirements of each and every client.

Flo Software